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Charities & Organisations supported

 100%  of the money raised  goes to the selected  Charities 
This year we helped all of these local and national charities:

SCMSTC  (MS Coulsdon)
Bromley Mencap
MacMillan Nurses (Croydon Branch)

St. Christopher’s Hospice  
Shirley Neighbourhood Care  
Addiscombe Neighbourhood Care Association

Brenda Kirby Cancer Centre  (N. Addington)
Daniel Spargo-Mabbs Foundation
Croydon Vision

Woodside Bereavement Service
Croydon Tram Crash Fund

British Red Cross who provide humanitarian help in the UK.

Prostate Cancer UK who are desperately trying to increase national awareness and fund research

Alzheimer's Society
And we helped these international charities:

ShelterBox     where we provided 2 Boxes, including one for Hurricane Matthew

Rotary Foundation for the END POLIO Project. Rotary has almost eliminated Polio WORLDWIDE - that's a fantastic achievement 

SMILE Charity who do wonderful work for children with Cleft Pallet 

  Water Aid

East Africa Famine Crisis (DEC)

Youth Education Sport 

Hajar Belkamla, Burkino Faso pastoral support project
A Big thanks to one of our Honorary members (Rangesh) who donated this lovely wheelchair which has been put to good use by Shirley Neighborhood Care (SNC).

In this  picture we can see our member Chris Rutter who helps SNC  by  taking people out on much-needed shopping trips

Thanks significantly to Rotary around the World, the devastating disease POLIO  has almost been eradicated - NOW we need to keep it away!!